Can Trump Win the GOP Nominee in 2016?

The Rise of Trump

Donald Trump’s rise from rank outsider to frontrunner in the race to become Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential election has been nothing short of meteoric. He is leading in all of the national polls, and many of the state polls. His campaign, which was initially disregarded by political experts, is all of a sudden being taken very seriously.

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Can Trump win the nominee?

It’s perhaps important to understand why Trump’s message is resonating with voters. The common theme is that Republicans have been left behind, corruption is tying the hands of politicians who are slaves to their donors and immigration – particularly illegal immigration – is out of control. The latter is forming the cornerstone of Trump’s bid for presidency, and his willingness to tackle the issue has so far won him great praise from the Republican base.

After what Republicans consider to be two torrid terms of Obama, they are craving a strong leader to help restore America’s place on the world stage. When they look at Trump, they see a genuine alternative – someone who can stand up to Mexico at the border, and take on China and Japan in trade. Since Trump is a successful businessman, and not a career politician, he is thought of as somebody who can get things done, instead of simply saying what the public wants to hear. His promise to be radical and make genuine changes is what has seen him sweep to the top of the polls.

Tackling corruption is also seen as one of his strong points. Trump openly admits that he played the system, giving money to politicians so that they would do what he wanted. However, he claims that he would be a different type of president because he doesn’t need anybody’s money. If he can maintain that status of being the outsider who is in it for the people and not profit, then he has a chance.

No matter what gaffes Trump seems to make, none of them have adversely affected him – if anything, they have made him stronger. Comments about Mexicans being “rapists” and his spat with Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly were expected to contribute to his demise, but they have not done so. Expecting him to falter through a scandal like so many do is probably wishful thinking.

Trump’s competition is relatively poor too. Jeb Bush, who was for a long time the most fancied contender, has failed to capture the mood, and he is suffering badly from the offense Trump has launched on him. Bush is not strong on immigration either and that has left him trailing. His surname probably isn’t helping – do Americans really want another Bush?

Will Trump win?


Trump’s message is popular, and there is no one in the 17-strong GOP field that is going to be able to take the limelight from him. However, there are still five months to go before even the Iowa caucuses, so plenty is yet to happen. Motivating the vote will also be tricky, convincing people to actually get out there and cross the Trump box is easier said than done. But that said, he has a real chance – far more than anyone ever thought when he announced. Make no mistake, Donald Trump is currently the favourite to become the Republican nominee.

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Which Republican Nominee is Most Likely to Beat Hillary

Clinton is the clear favourite to be the Democrat’s nominee

Barring a 2008-style collapse, Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee for the 2016 presidential election. Bernie Sanders has made progress and things may be spiced up if Joe Biden enters the race, but right now, it’s impossible to see anyone other than Clinton taking on the Republicans. That leaves the question for the GOP: which of their candidates is most likely to beat her?

Which Republican can take down Hillary?


As much as the Republican hopefuls have to appeal to their own base, it’s important too that they have widespread appeal. To win the presidency, you need to be able to convince the floating voters in swing states – simply pandering to your most loyal supporters makes you extremely popular with your own folk, but it only serves to alienate the rest.

Currently, the most interesting runner on the Republican side is businessman-turned-politician Donald Trump. After surprising many by announcing a presidential bid in June, he has rocketed to the head of the Republican field, and is rapidly changing his popularity. Even many Republicans considered Trump to be unfavorable a short while ago, but he has turned the tables. Appealing to the Hispanic vote and more natural Democrats will obviously more difficult, but given what has been happening it would be foolish to rule it out.

While brash, Trump is probably more economically liberal than any of the others on his side. He is in favor of a gradual rate of tax, has flirted with a single-payer healthcare system and has even shown limited support for Planned Parenthood. If he does win the nominee and gets that message out to voters, then Clinton could have some trouble. Trump is a winner and those predicting his downfall have so far been much mistaken.

Marco Rubio is also worth keeping an eye on. The Florida senator would almost certainly carry the Sunshine State in the election – crucial to any campaign – and he is one of the fresher alternatives in the GOP field. A Latino, he could inspire the Hispanic vote and his American Dream story will likely resonate. One of the more hopeful and positive contenders, Hillary would have her hands full if she found herself up against Rubio.

His polling numbers have lately been poor and Rand Paul is in danger of fading away, however, one thing that may keep him in the race is his head-to-head match-up with Clinton. The Kentucky senator often beats the likely Democrat nominee in some of the swing states, and although his positions may not be consistent with the more conservative GOP base, his broader appeal could help him win it all. Much like his father Ron, Rand’s stances lean libertarian and protecting personal freedoms is always something that plays well with the electorate, so he shouldn’t be discounted.

Who should the GOP pick?


Out of those three, while the biggest risk, Trump could actually turn things around and see off Hillary. He is bulldozing his way through all opposition and at the moment is looking unstoppable. The head-to-head comparisons may not be pretty reading for him currently, but they have vastly improved in the last two months and, with still over a year to go, he has plenty of time to convince Americans that he should be their leader.

Top 10 Best Presidents of All Time

What Makes a President Great?

Many people will have their own personal candidates for the greatest presidents of the United States. People’s politics will often determine their views in that regard. People will often have a difficult time separating the president in question from his beliefs, regardless of how well he executed his polices. However, there are certain presidents that are admired almost regardless of their beliefs, simply because of their sheer competence and their impact on history. Then again, many presidents are praised for being ahead of their time as well. All of these qualities can combine to produce history’s greatest American presidents.

America’s Ten Best Presidents

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  1. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is beloved on all sides of the political spectrum. He landed into a terrible situation in which different factions within the United States were tearing each other apart, and they were tearing each other apart over a moral evil like slavery. He managed to end slavery and keep the Union united, even when facing terrible odds. Lincoln’s positive reputation is well-deserved.

  1. John Adams

John Adams is one of the most underrated of the Founding Fathers. He was an arrogant and priggish man, but he was a man of principles who was surrounded by hypocrites who were great at posturing. He and his wife Abigail Adams were practically a ruling team while he was in office.

  1. Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt managed to pull the United States out of the Great Depression and helped win World War Two. He helped create the modern world in the process and helped make the United States a world power.

  1. John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams managed to epitomize the religious Left of the nineteenth century. He was an extremely dedicated and hard worker who spent his time as president fighting for various progressive causes when such beliefs were hugely under attack.

  1. Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was one of the country’s most intellectually gifted presidents, and he helped create an era of progressive thought in the United States. He helped break the power of the corporations of the day and helped set the stage for the many changes that would occur during the twentieth century.

  1. George Washington

Washington could very easily have allowed himself to become a king and destroyed all the important work of the revolution that he helped lead. Instead, he helped keep the American ideals alive through its first shaky beginnings, and got the country off to the right start.

  1. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Eisenhower was a president who helped bring America into an age of economic prosperity. At a time in which the entire world was recovering from the recent world war, Eisenhower helped America thrive. Income inequality was lower during this time period than it was at almost any other point.

  1. John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy is one of the most popular presidents today, and with good reason. He was able to avert a major nuclear crisis, and he was a powerful voice for many of the most progressive reforms of the 1960’s.

  1. Harry S. Truman

Harry S. Truman had to make some of the most difficult decisions that any president would ever make. While his actions had grave consequences, he still managed to successfully bring the Allies out of World War Two and negotiated the emerging hostilities with the Soviet Union as well as anyone could under the circumstances.

  1. Woodrow Wilson

Few American presidents before Wilson had to contend with America as part of an increasingly global society. Wilson realized that this was the way that the world was going to be, and he made the US a major player on the world stage almost before there was one.


American Presidents in Hindsight

Historians see everything in hindsight, and so do the people of today. Some modern presidents may be regarded as great, and some of them may be embarrassments for centuries to come. Opinions on all presidents vary, and it is difficult to be objective about any of it.